The first Cricket Club in DaNang, Central Vietnam.

Welcome to DaNang Dragons, the first cricket club in central Vietnam. Our mission is to train Vietnamese men, women and teens to understand the game and rules to compete with other cricket playing nations.

If you are interested, please join our practice sessions every weekend to have some fun. Just don’t worry about your skills or safety as we only use tennis balls with newbies. This is the best club to improve your English and Cricket at the same time!

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What is Cricket, "Crích-kê" in Vietnamese?

It is a sport which is recognized by the Olympic, SEA Games, and other international organizations. Cricket was born in England, and later it moved to English colonies rapidly. Nowadays, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, South Korea, China and many other Asian countries play cricket internationally.

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What do I need to play Cricket?

A cricket match will be played between 2 teams, and each team must have 11 players plus one extra. We need a cricket ground, a ball, bats, and wickets to start playing. Don’t worry! We have all of those and you just pay a visit to explore everything.

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Can a foreigner join Cricket in DaNang?

Yes dear! DaNang Dragons cricket club is founded by expats who have lived in Vietnam for a long time. Some of our members are married to Vietnamese families and they power this social work from their best. If you feel you can give us a helping hand, please contact us.

Why Do We Charge A Membership Fee?

Running a cricket club is quite challenging and it needs a lot of energy, effort and funds. As the cricket ground must be bigger than a usual football ground, we have to rent the largest venue that belongs to Vietnam Korea University. We also have to renew our equipment from time to time. Please support us by paying your membership fee at the right time.

Membership Packages

Name Description Fee
WeeklyAt the end of every weekly session, you will pay this amount to our finance manager on the ground.đ50,000
MonthlyYou will have free access for one month from the day you pay this fee.đ125,000
QuarterlyYou get 3 months free access to our practice sessions from the day you pay this fee.đ300,000

DISCLAIMER: You cannot expand your membership period, in case you are absent or any other incident happened. Please go with the daily package, if you are uncertain about what comes next!

SPECIAL OFFER: As our mission is to teach/train Vietnamese to play cricket, we will not charge any membership fee from local Vietnamese. Therefore, we always welcome sponsors who support our hard work by contributing various tasks we have to accomplish.

Our Sponsors Power Cricket in Vietnam!

Cricket in Vietnam has improved during previous years rapidly. Danang is the third largest city in Vietnam and also one of the best tourist hotspots in the Asia Pacific Region.

From the past few years, we have received many opportunities to organize cricket matches with international touring teams from all over the world, and we have done many successfully with the help of our beloved sponsors. We are looking for your helping hand to keep running our non-profit cricket club forever and ever!

Sponsorship For Cricket in Danang:

# Tasks To Do Cost
1Ground maintenance, grass-cutting, rolling, cleaning, and security fees. It is recommended to carry out this task every month for a better experience and also for the safety of players.đ3,000,000
2Purchasing cricket equipment such as balls, bats, and other necessary items we use to practice hard ball cricket as well as soft ball (Only once per year).đ10,000,000
3Designing and printing t-shirts, pants, hats and caps. The cost will vary for each item we purchase. Minimum cost per item will be shown here.đ200,000
4Entrance fees for cricket tournaments which we have to pay when our men/women teams participate. Minimum cost is shown here.đ2,000,000
5Food supply during cricket matches. The sponsor has to open an onsite food hut to sell food items (not beverages) for players and visitors. We will collect a security deposit from the sponsor as a confirmation and will be returned after the event, if successfully complete the food requirements.đ2,000,000
6Sponsoring our sport bar. You have to deliver soft drinks, water, and energy drinks for each event by opening your onsite sports bar, similar to above. You cannot sell hard liquor, though you can sell cold beer for adults. A security deposit is required as mentioned here.đ2,000,000
7Support our online portal and website by contributing hosting, domain renewals and developing fees. This cost will be recurring annually.đ5,000,000

Official Beverage Partner

vietnam cricket association3 Dragons Sports Bar & Restaurant is one of our premium partners that are located in 51 Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An, Vietnam. You can enjoy their delicious western food & beverages while watching popular sports on a big wide screen. Mr. Simon Burns, senior committee member of DaNang Dragons cricket club will always guarantee your satisfaction in this famous sports bar in Hoi An.

We thank 3 Dragons staff crew for staying with our club for all our difficult situations.

Official Food Provider

patakka danang vietnamPatakka is an Indian restaurant which serves a lot of food variants as well as drinks including cocktails. Unlike other local restaurants, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner from early morning to until 11.00 PM.

If you are a Danang Dragon, just visit them and claim a 10% discount any time in the year.

Official Marketing Partner

Alexa MasterSince 2013, Alexa Master Community has been a top marketing tool for online advertisers and digital nomads. We are proud to have their support for our search engine and social media optimization for the current website and other social channels. We thank Alexa Master team, and especially Mrs. Grecu Rodica for all support related to our digital marketing section.

Other Partners

Special Thanks

Vietnam Korea UniversityVietnam Korea University of Information and Communication Technology in Danang runs a successful program for outdoor sports activities. We appreciate the universities continuous support in providing their stadium for training and local/international cricket matches. It has also been a great opportunity for university students to start their cricket career under international trainers.

vietnam cricket associationThe VCF has a long term ambition for cricket to become one of vietnam's favorite sport. Their Vision is to drive towards more competitive, entertaining and meaningful cricket for players and fans in Vietnam. They will grow the sport by creating more opportunities for more people to enjoy it and increase the competitiveness to participate in international cricketing events at all levels.

The Danang dragons are part of the newly formed Vietnam Cricket Federation. Under their guidance and encouragement we aim to build for a successful future and develop cricket throughout central Vietnam.

hoian cricket association“Hoi An Cricket Social” and “Hoi An Women’s Cricket” clubs are managed by Mark Boce, who is a well experienced Australian that organized Hoi An Sixers tournament. His skillful crew does a great job to improve cricket in Vietnam. We warmly thank Hoi An Cricket Club for participating in our events, supporting the club and playing games with us occasionally.

Organize Your Cricket Matches In Danang

Danang is a tourist hotspot that has an International airport, five star hotels and a good nightlife. Just bring your cricket teams here to have friendly cricket tournaments while they enjoy their vacation.

Danang Dragons Cricket Club is here to organize your vacation plan with a lot of fun that comes with our local cricket. Please feel free to contact us to play your next cricket tournament in Danang, with our Dragons.